Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs)

Q: How do I download and save the coat of arms or family crest image I ordered?

A: When you click or tap on the download link you receive from us, your device will either display the image in your web browser or it will ask if you would like to download to your device. You can then download directly or display the image and then save. Please see our help page for more details.


Q: I ordered but didn’t get a download link.

A: If you pay using an instant payment method, including PayPal, credit or debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, then as soon as the payment has been approved (this may take several seconds or more), you should see an order confirmation screen on our website and this will display the download link. An email is also sent to you at the same time with your order details and the same download link. If you created an account with us you can also login and access your download(s) from there.

If for any reason you didn’t see the order confirmation screen, please check your email. If you don’t appear to have received an email from us, please check your email’s junk or spam folder. Many email systems will put valid emails into one of these folders, so please check there first. Some email providers may completely reject some emails and either delete or bounce them back to the sender.

Also, if you entered your email address incorrectly when ordering, then you won’t receive the email from us. Please contact us with your order details so we can have another email confirmation email sent to you or email the download link to you directly.


Q: Can I order a coat of arms as a JPG image?

A: Yes, but by default all images are supplied in the PNG format. These have a transparent background which will allow your own background to show through. A JPG coat of arms (or family crest) image won’t allow this because it has a solid white background (or surrounding area) instead.

If you would rather have the coat of arms image in the JPG (or JPEG) format, simply save the transparent PNG as a JPG (or other file type, for example, GIF, PDF, etc.) using a range of apps and software included with operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). This includes Office software, Mac’s Preview, popular graphics software (Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher, Pixelmator, the free GIMP software, etc.). There are also free image saving websites you could use if you are unable to save as a JPG.

If you are still having problems saving the file as a JPG, please let us know and we will send you a JPG version of the same file ordered.


Q: You don’t seem to have the coat of arms I want, can I still order for the name I want?

A: This website provides instant downloads for some of the most popular surnames and we are always adding more, but if the coat of arms (or family crest) image isn’t available for instant download, you can order for your choice of surname from us here.


Q: Are your coats of arms authentic?

A: Yes. The coats of arms images we create and supply are from official and ancient (centuries old) heraldic sources. This includes Burke’s General Armory, Fairbairn’s Book of Crests, and more.

Also, please bear in mind that coats of arms were not normally registered to a surname, but to an individual person, so technically the coat of arms belonged to that person and there is no such thing as a right or wrong coat of arms. However, over the centuries many people have displayed the coats of arms associated with their own surname, which has now become a common practice.


Q: Do you grant coats of arms and can I register one for my name?

A: No, we don’t do this. The images we supply are existing coats of arms (or family crests) as recorded throughout the centuries, normally from around the 11th (1000s) to late 19th (1800s) centuries.


Q: I’d like to order a coat of arms but would like it customised, can you do this?

A: We should be able to do this, but it depends what your requirement are. Please contact us with the details for a quote. If you require a standard coat of arms there shouldn’t be any extra cost. If you would like something more involved (i.e. special quartering, or shields with more sections) there would normally be a higher cost.

Please note that our coats of arms images do not include extras, such as supporters.


Q: Can I order a coat of arms image as a vector file or in a larger image size?

A: We are unable to provide vector images due to image licensing, but we can supply the images in a higher image size and higher DPI upon request. These would be suitable for printing on larger items, such as flags, banners, posters, etc. These can be ordered from us here but please specify the size and DPI you would like (i.e. up to 10,000 pixels high with a 2000 DPI) in the order comments box.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us for a quick reply.